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I’m happy to introduce a spectacular way to keep in touch with the happenings in our classroom. I will be adding curriculum information, activities, pictures and important dates to help keep you informed about what your child is learning in first grade. New information will be available for you to view at least once a week.

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The 100th Day of School February 5, 2018

Gingerbread Houses February 5, 2018

Painting Ornaments February 5, 2018

Making Pottery November 21, 2017

Today the children had a great time making pottery with Lorraine Felix from Felix Pottery. The designs and creativity were amazing! 

Colonial Day November 13, 2017

Today the children learned about Pilgrim and Native American life in Colonial times. In our classroom they made butter and tasted it with homemade cornbread. They also learned how to write with a feather quill by dipping it in ink. In Mrs. Chapel’s room they created Native American sand art and also made Indian corn with watercolors and beads. It was a fantastic day!

Halloween Fun October 31, 2017

Miss Edwardson the Mummy October 20, 2017

Miss Edwardson was turned into a mummy by Hannah and Brooke at our school assembly.