Art Show December 1, 2017

The Art Show is on Thursday, Dec. 14th from 5:30-6:30. 3rd and 4th grade students will be able to paint their empty bowl projects at the show.

Art to Remember Orders December 1, 2017

Orders from Art to Remember are scheduled to arrive on Thursday, Dec. 7th. Mrs. Patmont will deliver the orders to your children as soon as possible. Thanks again for supporting the art program.

Support the Art Program at PHES November 13, 2017


Our Art to Remember fundraiser is coming to a close. You can still order online via your parent code. Please email me if you need your personalized parent code. Orders will be shipping to the school soon.

If you are still interested in ordering more memorabilia with your child’s art on it, check out the artsonia website. Currently there is a special price on cards and other merchandise for the holidays. Use the promo code: HolidayFunds 17.

As always, Thank you for supporting the art program at PHES

Mrs. Patmont

Art To Remember Online Ordering November 6, 2017

Orders placed before the due date are scheduled to arrive around Dec. 6th

You can still order artwork online at .http://order.arttoremember.com

Beware that if you order online after the due date, your order might not arrive until after the winter break.


Art to Remember Due Date Extended to the end of the month October 18, 2017

Hello Pinon Families,

This week I am sending home the Art to Remember brochures. The printed orders due date is next week, during our break. Please know that I will be accepting orders through the end of the month. I’m sorry for the confusion. Thank you for supporting the art program.

October 4, 2017

Art at PHES October 4, 2017

The art program at Pinon Hills Elementary School is part of a year-long program that switches between music and visual arts half way though the school year. The goal of the visual art program is to promote creative thinking and encourage self-expression through the Nevada Visual Art Standards.
This year the students will be making art around the theme of Habitats. Join us for the art show on December 14th 2017. Students will be participating in the Art to Remember Fundraiser again this year. Look for the order forms in the pee chees in October. All student artwork is archived on Artsonia.com.

Artsonia September 28, 2017

Did you know that your student’s artwork is being archived online? Your children can share artwork with friends and family online and you can order keepsakes with their art on it. Parents who have granted permission for their student’s artwork to show up on our school web page can see it today at Artsonia.com.

Your child’s personalized code came home in their peechee folders. If you need it sent to you contact Mrs. Patmont via email: cpatmont@dcsd.k12.nv.us

Grant permission today.

Mrs. Patmont